Christie’s Sit-Com Cameo: Script Please

Photograph by Jeffrey Neira/CBS via Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie laughs with David Letterman during his first visit to CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” in February

Chris Christie has never been afraid to wander off the political script.

In March 2012, he made headlines after calling a former Navy SEAL an idiot at a town hall meeting. He’s yukked it up with late-night television host David Letterman as the two munched a jelly doughnut. He’s referred to the head of the Senate budget panel as an “arrogant S.O.B.”

Now, the 50-year-old Republican governor of New Jersey whom public pollsters already are testing in the 2016 presidential field, is set to tackle a new role: a scripted cameo on the “Michael J. Fox Show,” according to the network. It’s unclear what role he’ll play or what date the episode will air, a spokeswoman said.

Colin Reed, a spokesman for Christie, confirmed the appearance and declined to comment or specify any details.

Christie, set to win an easy victory in November for a second term as head of the Garden State, disclosed in May that he underwent lap-band surgery to lose weight. Weeks before, he and Letterman took turns gnawing the pastry as the comedian apologized for pat barbs about Christie’s weight.

Letterman has made the governor a frequent subject of biting Top 10 lists, and while Christie publicly considered a bid for the White House in the last election cycle, Letterman put his weight at 400 pounds.




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