EPA: Urging Congress for More Authority to Protect Water

Photograph by Phil Hawkins/Bloomberg

Water in the Delta Mendota Canal is fed to the California Aqueduct and onward to Los Angeles as drinking water.

From Bloomberg Government’s Congress Tracker blog

The Environmental Protection Agency should seek more authority from Congress to better protect drinking water from terrorists and natural disasters, its inspector general said.

The IG urged the agency to use any added authority to develop a drinking water security baseline, conduct periodic reassessments, and develop annual and long-term outcome measures, Bloomberg BNA’s Pat Ware reports.

The EPA would use those tools to gauge the program’s effectiveness in assisting drinking water systems to protect water, the report said.

“Without additional authority, the water-security program will be unable to fully gauge its effectiveness in assisting drinking water systems to protect the nation’s drinking water supply against attacks and natural disasters,” the report said.

The EPA has conducted activities to promote the security of drinking water systems, such as the Water Security Initiative, the Water Laboratory Alliance, and the Water/Wastewater Agency Response Networks, according to the IG report.


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