Obama’s Eroded Hispanic Support Worse Than Any Other Group’s

Photograph by Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo

Volunteers for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, Carissa Valdez, right, and Vanessa Trujillo, left, leave campaign headquarters to register new voters while they canvass a heavily Latino shopping plaza in Phoenix.

President Barack Obama won re-election with an overwhelming share of the fast-growing Hispanic vote.

His 71 percent victory over Republican Mitt Romney was a near-record in the Hispanic community, and it left Republican leaders wondering how to reclaim their ground with a lost constituency.

Apparently, Republicans are getting a head start.

The president’s approval among Hispanics — 75 percent in December 2012 — has fallen to 52 percent in November 2013, according to the Gallup Poll.

That 23-point slide represents the biggest loss of support that the president has suffered among any other group, Gallup notes today.

Looking at others who were crucial to his reelection, Obama is down 15 points among independent voters, down 14 among women.

The Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency, African-Americans, are voicing 83 percent approval in the latest results, down from 92.

The president’s overall public approval stood at 41 percent in November, down 12 points from the post-election polling, Gallup reports. See the breakdown here:

Changes in President Obama's Job Approval, by Subgroup, December 2012 vs. November 2013

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