Bloomberg by the Numbers: $63 Billion

Photograph by Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg

V-22 Osprey aircraft sit on the deck of the USS Kearsargeat docked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia.

That’s about how much over two years a budget accord announced yesterday would restore in automatic budget cuts known as sequestration.

The agreement came together after negotiations led by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington. They had set a Dec. 13 deadline to come to an agreement.

Read Heidi Przybyla and Derek Wallbank here for more about the deal. The House will vote on the measure later this week.

“Selling the agreement in Congress won’t be easy, as skepticism has emerged in both political parties,” Przybyla and Wallbank wrote.

Some members of Congress have already announced their positions on the budget deal.


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