Duck Dynasty’s Christmas ‘Culture War:’ Tests of Tolerance

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Television personalities Si Robertson, left, Willie Robertson and Phil Robertson from A&E Television Networks LLC’s “Duck Dynasty.”

Developments in the Duck Dynasty political correction have been moving so swiftly that we have been unable to keep up with it all.

Thanks to Joel Achenbach, the esteemed expert on how things work, for explaining what the saga of the sacked TV star and attendant political furor in the public square is all about:

“Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got a culture war!” Achenbach writes at his Washington Post blog.

“You’ve read all about Phil Robertson’s homophobic comments and A&E’s decision to edit him out of the reality TV show `Duck Dynasty,’ even though he’s the patriarch and arguably the most compelling character. As moronic and offensive as Robertson’s comments were, the A&E decision is also a bit baffling, since the entire point of the show is that these Robertson men… are cultural throwbacks, living in the swamp, killing wild animals, biting snakes in half, gnawing on squirrel meat and trying to keep the vermin from setting up nests in their beards.

“They’re Neanderthals.”

“Duck Dynasty” is essentially a remake of `The Flintstones.”’

“The cavemen even have the same pretty wives, who vainly try to impose civility on their knuckle-dragging mates. Horrible as Phil’s comments were, they were essentially within character. He appears to be a Biblical fundamentalist and no doubt thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old and we’re all going to burn for eternity if we don’t embrace his version of Christianity…”

`Of course, it’s already now a heavily politicized story, co-opted by presidential politics. That’s a completely different type of reality TV — one that, at the moment, I have no desire to watch.”

Back on the ground here, it was the talk of MSNBC’s `Morning Joe” this morning, it’s been the toast of Twitter — and it certainly must be great for ratings.

They’re all digging into the Biblical rationale for the beliefs espoused by Mr. Duck, and also the reasons why leaders of all political stripes are ready to condemn these views for having no relevance in their world, as leaders in recent years have come to understand the value of mutual respect for other peoples’ sexual orientation as well as race and ethnicity.




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