Springsteen-Lover Christie Also Digs Soul-Crooner Barry White

Photograph by Mel Evans/AP Photo

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie answers a question in Trenton, N.J., on Dec. 19, 2013.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be known for his love of his state’s homegrown rockers — most obviously Bruce Springsteen — but it turns out his musical tastes are varied.

As Christie tells it, he’s been known to channel Texas-born Barry White, the 1970s soul-singer known for his deeply sonorous voice and such hits as “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe.” Indeed, Christie revealed last night that during his stint as a U.S. Attorney, his long-time spokesman, Michael Drewniak, happened upon him singing  Barry White-style in his Newark office.

“He was a little stunned,” Christie said in during his monthly, one-hour  Ask the Governor call-in radio program. “He’s used to the Springsteen stuff all the time and a little Bon Jovi and everything. Then when he heard me singing Barry White, that’s when he got disturbed.”

Alas, it doesn’t appear Christie — who’s known for his administration’s prolific posting on the video-sharing site youTube.com — has video documentation.

The Barry White nugget came during a rambling hour of radio that touched on variety of subjects, including the disciplining of children. A caller, who said she was prevented from adopting because she refused to sign a no-corporal punishment pledge, said she had used such measures in raising her four biological children. Christie, 51, said he had done so with his four children, without specifying the details of the punishment.

He also addressed the political scrap over September lane closures at the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan that resulted in the resignation of two of his appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. When asked if he’d seen the purported traffic study used to justify the closures, he said: “No. What do I care?”

In the face of questions about whether the closures and the resulting massive traffic jams were a politically inspired payback directed at a Democratic mayor by Christie’s Republican allies, the governor has said previously who knew nothing about the incident.

The head of the New Jersey Assembly’s Transportation Committee said yesterday that both Deputy Director Bill Baroni and David Wildstein, the Christie choice who ordered the closings, have complied with legislative subpoenas seeking documents in the matter.

Other pearls from the radio program: both white and colored lights are featured in the Christie household’s Christmas décor but never do they blink; the tree is real; it’s Mariah Carey over Bing Crosby when seasonal songs are played, and the gifts get opened on Christmas day.

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