Minimum Wage: 2014 Mantra

Photograph by Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Fast-food workers and supporters rally for a raise in the minimum wage in Los Angeles, on Aug. 29, 2013

You’ll be hearing a lot about the $7.25 an hour that federal law guarantees many workers in America this year.

A lot about raising it, as many states already have done.

And a lot of reasons why that’s a bad idea.

In states still recovering from the worst recession since the Great Depression, it’s a potentially powerful campaign issue. Ask Charlie Crist, the Republican turned Democrat running for governor of what this year will become the third-most populous state:

It’s playing in Iowa, too:

It will be driving the political agenda in Washington:

As well as in states well ahead of Washington on this one:

2014 means a dollar increase in the state’s minimum wage; Democrats take a bow #HudsonCounty #NJ #News

— Jersey Tribune (@JerseyTribune) December 31, 2013

Some want to take it a lot further than $10.

Yet the idea is hardly universally popular.

Some suggest there are better ways of giving people a leg up.

We know where the White House is on this.

It’s going to be a great year all around.

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