Councilman’s Trek Ends in Klingon

Photograph by Paramount/Everett Collection

John Larroquette and Christopher Lloyd in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” in 1984.

David Waddell, a member of the Indian Trail Town Council in North Carolina, resigned this week.

He gave the mayor a letter written in Klingon.

Waddell, a self-described Trekkie, said that while he used the language of the warrior tribe from Star Trek as an inside joke, there was a deeper meaning to his message. The letter ended with, “Perhaps today is a good day (to) resign,” a variation of a Klingon proverb.

“If you understand the Klingon fictional characters, they value integrity and they value duty and honor, and I can relate with that,” he said in an interview. “Much of what I have a problem with on the council have been in those categories, so you could say there was a fun side to it and a serious side to it.”

Mayor Michael Alvarez, also a Star Trek fan, said he received the letter, with no translation, and ignored it for a couple days until he started receiving calls about Waddell’s resignation.

“He told me I’d understand it in a couple days,” Alvarez said of the letter. “It was New Year’s Eve. I didn’t translate any of it.”

Having received calls from the New York Times, CNN and other national media, he called the episode “an embarrassment.”

In a letter to constituents (written in English), Waddell said he resigned because the council suffered from “deception, conflict of interest issues” and public information requests that were “stonewalled for months.”

He now hopes to take his unorthodox brand of politics to Washington.

He plans to run for the Senate seat occupied by Democrat Kay Hagan of North Carolina, as a write-in candidate on the Constitution Party platform.

One presumes he’ll write-in in English.


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