Scott Brown Attacks New Hampshire Ad that Attacked Him

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator, has penned a fundraising appeal on behalf of the New Hampshire Republican Party that takes to task a television commercial in the Granite State by a Democratic Super PAC that targets him for attack.

A casual observer would be forgiven for thinking a heated Senate race is on in New Hampshire. There’s not, at least not yet.

Brown has sent signals that he is prepared to seek the Republican nomination in New Hampshire to challenge Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen in this Novermber’s election. Since losing his Massachusetts seat to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 election, he steadily heightened his public profile in New Hampshire, moved his family to the state and filed papers to spend political money there.

What he hasn’t done is make his candidacy official (despite an editorial in New Hampshire Union Leader last fall that urged him to “make his intentions clear or turn his big, brown eyes elsewhere”). His reluctance, though, hasn’t stopped Shaheen and the state’s other Democrats from using him as a foil to raise funds for her re-election campaign.

This week’s Democratic attack ad mentions the word “Massachusetts” three times in 30 seconds — a clear attempt to paint Brown as a carpetbagger — and accuses him of having supported legislation that favors big banks and Wall Street firms.

Brown’s e-mail, sent with the subject line “scared,” accuses the Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic group working to help the party retain its Senate majority, of “distorting” his record and trying to shift attention to Shaheen’s support for the Affordable Care Act.

Should he decide to do run, Brown will still have to beat at least four other Republican candidates in New Hampshire’s September primary. And that may be no walk in the park for him — roughly 200 conservative activists protested his appearance at an event last month in Nashua because of his record supporting a federal assault weapon ban. At times they chanted, “Down with Brown.”



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