McCain All Fired Up, Ready for 2016

Arizona Sen. John McCain’s censure by his state’s Republican Party, which is accusing him of being too liberal, hasn’t discouraged him from seeking s sixth term in 2016.

“Not in the slightest,” McCain told reporters todauy. “If anything, it fires me up,”

The self-proclaimed “maverick,” who was a chief architect of the bipartisan immigration rewrite the Senate passed in June as well as a deal to allow confirmation of several Obama nominees in July, said the views expressed by his fellow Republicans in the Jan. 25 censure represent “a very small portion” of the state’s Republican voters.

“We have polling data that shows overwhelming support,” he said. “I’ve won every election in Arizona by very large margins, quite often with the opposition of that element of the party.”

McCain, who will turn 80 in 2016, called the assertion that he’d been supportive of funding the president’s health care plan, aka Obamacare “bizarre,” adding: “I led the fight for 25 days on the floor of the Senate” against the law.”



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