Daschle: Obamacare Assault a Shifting 2014 Factor

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Samantha Guzman, an Affordable Care Act navigator with the Bureau and Putnam County Health Department, center, assists Jackie Karns as she shops for health insurance at the Bureau County Health Department offices in Princeton, Illinois, on Dec. 18, 2013.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, a Democrat from South Dakota, says he is concerned that the Republican focus on criticizing the president’s health care law could hurt Democratic efforts to retain the majority in his former chamber this year.

“I think the politics will change, but the question is will they change fast enough,” Daschle said at a Bloomberg Government breakfast today.

By October, the picture for Obamacare and the health exchanges will be better, Daschle said. Criticism of Obamacare will hurt “more in some states'” election contests than others, he said. “It’s going to be tough in Louisiana, and Arkansas, and in North Carolina, where we have some competitive races.”


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