Democrats Out-Raised Republicans

It may have been an off-year for elections, yet it was a big year for fundraising.

The six major-party national campaign committees raised $371 million last year, with the three Democratic groups outperforming their Republican counterparts, Federal Election Commission reports show.

The three Democratic committees raised $193.2 million, led by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of House Democrats, which took in $75.8 million. The Democratic National Committee raised $64.7 million, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $52.6 million.

The three Republican groups reported $177.8 million in total receipts, with the Republican National Committee leading the pack with $80.6 million. The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $60.6 million, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee took in $36.7 million.

The DNC’s receipts fell 40 percent from 2011 in the absence of President Barack Obama preparing a re-election campaign that boosted his party’s fundraising.

(See the graphic below, on 2011 committee fundraising, for comparisons.)

Still, the six party committees account for just a piece of fundraising activity.

There are the candidates themselves, plus super-political action committees and nonprofit groups. The Republican Governors Association is well ahead of its Democratic counterpart in fundraising; those groups file reports with the Internal Revenue Service, not the FEC.

And while House and Senate Democratic committees raised more money than their Republican counterparts, historical trends say it’s more likely than not that the Obama White House will lose ground in Congress in a lower-turnout midterm election.

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