Obama Sneezes, Obamacare Lives: $54 a Month, `Three Happy Hours’

When Obamacare catches a cold, does President Barack Obama get pneumonia?

Just a thought provoked by the president’s visit to members of that continuing campaign of his, Organizing for America.

The president was introduced to the choir tonight by a fell0w named Joshua, a 26-year-old grad student who benefited from Obama’s Affordable Care Act by remaining on his parents’ insurance plan until his birthday and now says he pays $54 a month for health care — “about three happy hours,” he noted happily tonight.

The president spoke for about 20 minutes about economic opportunity, touting his plans for increasing the minimum wage and other income-equality initiatives for those assembled at the Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Washington.

At one point, Obama sneezed, said something about working hard and catching a cold and then joked: “Gotta get covered.”

“Politics has become so toxic, and information is so contested, and people are separated from how they get news, that oftentimes to break through what’s necessary is the validation of a neighbor or a friend, or a coworker, or a family member,” the president told his followers. “And that’s where OFA comes in.”

One example of the difference his grassroots supporters are making: “When it comes to the Affordable Care Act.  Obviously, nowhere has there been more misinformation; nowhere are just basic facts more contested,” he said. “But as a consequence of some of the folks that have been doing this work on the ground, as of today, we’ve signed up more than four million people through the exchanges.”

His appearance at this gathering of the faithful was followed by a small fundraising dinner for about 60.

As news reporters were ushered out of the room, the president joked: “While they’re leaving, I’m just going to sing a song.”

Yet it appeared there might be no Al Green moment this evening, as Obama was heard to add: “Not really.”

With thanks to Eleanor Clift for the press pool reports.



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