Gay Rights Gain Record Acceptance: ABC/Post Poll

Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

A wedding cake hat during support of same-sex marriage in the Castro District after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and declined to rule on the California law Proposition 8, in California.

Public support for gay marriage has reached a record 59 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll — up from 32 percent in 2004, marking what pollster Gary Langer calls “a dramatic transformation of public attitudes.

During the same time, growing numbers of states have recognized same-sex marriage as legal and leaders and courts in other states, such as Virginia  and Texas, are challenging the constitutionality of their bans. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia permit gay marriages.

As we’ve noted, the growing public acceptance in the U.S. stands in stark contrast with flash points of resistance in Russia and Africa, pointing to the endurance of discrimination of sexual orientation as a political tool.

Yet within the U.S. opposition is down by six percentage points since just last summer and by 13 points in the last year and a half, Langer notes.

The poll by Langer Research Associates also found 61 percent support for adoption by gay couples, with 78 percent saying gay men and lesbians “can be as good parents as straight people.”

Sixty-five percent of those surveyed say homosexuality is a matter of who people are, rather than how they choose to be.  And 81 percent of those surveyed said businesses should not be allowed to refuse service to gays and lesbians — as lawmakers in Arizona attempted to authorize, blocked by the governor’s veto last week

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