‘Baloney,’ Gelb Says of White House Claims in Ukraine Crisis

The phrase “pile of garbage and ineptitude” isn’t used often (enough) in Washington foreign policy debates.

Neither is the word “baloney.”

Leslie Gelb, president emeritus at the Council on Foreign Relations, deployed them both today in an excoriating essay on decisions being made on the Ukraine crisis that spares no one — not Washington, not European capitals, and certainly not Moscow.

“Russians, Americans, Europeans, Ukrainians plunge on toward the all-time foreign policy record for venality, lying, hypocrisy and self-destructive maneuvers,” he fumed in a piece for the Daily Beast.

The Europeans, he writes, “did almost everything wrong” in the run-up to the stand-off that’s developed over Crimea. The White House claims of obedience to constitutions, namely the Ukrainian one, and its record of upholding the territorial integrity of other nations are `a load of baloney,’ Gelb spat.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent comparison of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler was an “egregious and dangerous pandering to American conservatives,” he asserted.

And Gelb blasts the State Department, once the bastion of sober diplomacy, for publishing a ‘Top 10’ list of Putin’s lies.

“Can you believe they did that?” he asks. “At this stage,” he concludes, “it’s going to be hard as hell to salvage matters. For there to be any chance, all parties have to stop the venal and viral vitriol.”

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