Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Together Again

Photograph by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, listen as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks before the presentation of the 2013 Liberty Medal on Sept. 10, 2013 in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have something of a road show going.

And it’s not even 2016.

He has served as emcee for an awards ceremony honoring her.

She joins him today talking about education in Texas, his birthplace.

Neither one of them, of course, has said what they plan to do about ’16. Which makes both of them continually interesting to audiences everywhere.

Today’s conference on higher education in suburban Dallas was sponsored by Bush, the former two-term Florida governor who runs the Foundation for Excellence in Education.  Clinton, former secretary of state, senator from New York and first lady, has found one area in which the two clearly have some common ground.

This is as good a time as any to recall Bush’s words when the two met on stage at Philadelphia last fall:

“Secretary Clinton is out of office. So am I — I’m not sure what people will expect to happen here tonight,” Bush quipped. “Hillary and I come from different political parties, and we disagree about a few things, but we do agree on the wisdom of the American people — especially those in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

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