Bloomberg by the Numbers: 815 Million

Photograph by Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP via Getty Images

An Indian shopkeeper displays a model of an Electronic Voting Machine, used to educate voters about the machine, different political symbols, masks of leaders, and other materials, to political activists at his shop in Kolkata on April 2, 2014.

There are about 815 million registered voters in India, the world’s largest democracy, which is holding the world’s biggest election.

The parliamentary election in the nation of 1.2 billion people is so large that it’s taking place over a five-week period that began April 7 and ends May 12.

“Gathering votes in the world’s seventh-biggest land mass isn’t easy. Election officials must traverse forests, deserts, glaciers and seas to meet a requirement that polling stations be set up within two kilometers (1.2 miles) of every voter,” Bloomberg’s Bibhudatta Pradhan reported April 6.

Voters in the Delhi capital yesterday cast ballots in the third phase of the nine-phase election, Bloomberg’s Unni Krishnan reported.

“Feeble public services, surging inflation, crippling corruption and crumbling infrastructure are ever-present grievances of an increasingly fed-up population,” Bloomberg’s Sam Nagarajan reported April 7 in a Bloomberg QuickTake.

“They yearn for better education, more jobs and faster development as a path to prosperity. They are demanding a change of course. Whether they get it will depend on how they vote in the 2014 national election, a test of India’s maturing democracy that may alter its strong secular and socialist traditions,” Nagarajan wrote.

Results from all 543 parliamentary constituencies will be announced on 

Click here for the website of the Election Commission of India. And see this Bloomberg video, “The Staggering Numbers Behind India’s Election.”


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