Alexandria Loves its Liberals

Sailing on the Potomac River from Alexandria, Virginia.

Photograph by Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Sailing on the Potomac River from Alexandria, Virginia.

If Virginia is for lovers, Alexandria is for liberals.

Only that enclave of organic home farming on the other side of Washington, D.C., known as “The People’s Republic of Takoma Park,” Maryland, rivals the suburban liberalism of Alexandria, Virginia.

If 62 percent of Takoma Park’s voters backed President Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012, 67 percent of voters did in the district where Democrat Don Beyer is running for Congress.

That helps explain the campaign mailers arriving weekly in Alexandria:

Beyer mailer2

“Turning Up The Heat on Climate Change,” reads the latest full-color, four-page missive from the Beyer campaign, promoting a “progressive carbon tax” and tax credits for households. “The science is clear that climate change is a real and present danger. We owe it to future generations to take action now.”

Last week, it was “straight talk on gun control from Don Beyer.”

Noting that 11,419 Americans were killed by guns last year, Beyer’s mailer said: “Congress sill caters to the gun lobby.” And he promised: “I won’t back down to the NRA. Never have. Never will.”

Beyer mailer3These messages started with the arresting mailer featuring the back of President Barack Obama’s head and a warning that “Republicans are working to undermine Obamacare.”

Who “has the president’s back on health reform?’

“I do,” Beyer said.

It’s important to note that Beyer served as Obama’s ambassador to Switzerland for the better part of five years and chaired Democrat Howard Dean’s presidential campaign finance committee. He was Virginia’s lieutenant governor a couple decades ago, as Rep. Jim Moran was getting his start in Congress. Beyer also has plenty of money of his own to invest in a crowded campaign for the seat of the retiring Moran, the Democrat who represents the district spanning Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and part of Fairfax County.

Beyer mailer

The competition includes “ a half-dozen elected officials, three African Americans, two Latinos, a liberal talk-show host, an openly gay state senator and this car dealer who last was on a ballot 17 years ago,” as the Washington Post notes. That includes the African-American mayor of Alexandria, whose TV ads note that he is the first such mayor and overcame great adversity to achieve the success he has today, and a black woman, Lavern Chapman, whose flier arriving in Alexandria mailboxes vows that she will fight “the Tea Party extremists” and declares: “Stop the War on Women. We need a woman in Washington to fight back. ”

Beyer’s philosophy couldn’t be clearer, early in the campaign.

And his name  already is well known, without all the mailers. His money comes from area car dealerships.

Most notably: Don Beyer Volvo.

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