Kaine ‘Ready for Hillary’ Today

He’s either seven years late or two years early.

Sen. Tim Kaine, a Democrat and former Virginia governor, today will call Hillary Clinton “the best person to be our 45th president,” according to prepared remarks he’ll deliver in Columbia, South Carolina.

Kaine in February 2007 became the first governor outside of Illinois to endorse then-Sen. Barack Obama, who faced Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary race. Obama carried Virginia in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential contests.

At today’s South Carolina Women’s Democratic Council breakfast, Kaine plans to talk about why he chose Obama then and Clinton now.

“I made my decision early because I knew something — he was the right person for the job but getting there would be hard,” Kaine will say, according to the prepared remarks. “And I figured that the sooner I started helping him in Virginia, the more helpful I would be.

“I’m stating my support for Hillary Clinton today for the same reason. She’s the right person for the job.”

Excerpts of his remarks were circulated by Ready for Hillary, a super-political action committee working to entice the former first lady and secretary of state to run for president. Clinton, 66, says she’ll make a decision later this year.

Other Democrats working with Ready for Hillary include Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill — who, like Kaine, was an early Obama adopter.


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