Wonder Bread: 99.5% Republican

Wonder brand hot dog buns  in Peoria, Illinois.

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Wonder brand hot dog buns in Peoria, Illinois.

The Koch Brothers run the most Republican-leaning enterprise in the country, right?

Wrong, according to the analysis by The Upshot.

It’s the maker of Wonder Bread that wins the loyalty contest in donations for the GOP, the New York Times’ Derek Willis writes at The Upshot. That’s Flowers Foods, a Georgia-based company that balances its production of that white Wonder with Nature’s Own baked goods.

Now, it’s tough to match the money of the world’s fifth and sixth richest men, Charles and David Koch. With a combined net worth of $103 billion, they have plowed tens of millions into Republican political causes. Yet, as The Uphsot notes, the political action committee of Koch Industries has given nearly as much money to Democrats in the past 14 months — which is in line with the typical corporate profile of political contributions, also known as covering all bases.

For party purity, the Kochs’ corporate conglomerate can’t match the giving of the Wonder people: 99.5 percent Republican.

Among the other highly loyal corporate supporters of the Republican Party are Timken — the Canton, Ohio-based manufacturer whose owners have backed Republican candidates and reaped the rewards. The Timkens backed President George W. Bush, and chairman William Robert Timken Jr. served as ambassador to Germany from 2005-2008.

ExxonMobil and Haliburton also make the top-10 GOP loyalty list at The Upshot, their donations more than 90 percent Republican.

Koch Industries ranks No. 13.

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