Chocolate Milk Ban in Doubt: Connecticut’s Malloy Unhappy

A student with chocolate milk during lunch hour.

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A student with chocolate milk during lunch hour.

Connecticut’s Dannel Malloy may have just made himself the most popular politician in America among those too young to vote.


By sticking up for a cherished, if not altogether healthy, schoolhouse lunchroom tradition: Chocolate milk.

After the state Legislature passed a bill that that would ban the beverage from public schools, the governor voiced his opposition. The sugary brown drink, at least, gets some nutrients into white-milk spurning kids.

“The governor is not supportive of banning chocolate milk in public schools,” Andrew Doba, Malloy’s  spokesman, said in a statement today.

“While we must be extremely mindful of the nutritional value of what’s offered to students, ensuring an appropriate array of options helps to ensure that kids receive the calcium and other nutrients they need.”

The governor’s spokesman says the bill hasn’t reached his desk yet “and will be reviewed in detail when it arrives.”

”We are reviewing our options,” says another spokesman, David Bednarz.

So the brown cartons were saved for another day.

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