Ready for Hillary PAC: Goes Hybrid: Ready to Donate

A 'Ready For Hillary' cap in Alexandria, Virginia.

Photograph by Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images

A ‘Ready For Hillary’ cap in Alexandria, Virginia.

Updated at 4:25 p.m.

Ready for Hillary is ready for other candidates.

The super-political action committee urging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 will be sending campaign donations to preferred candidates.

Ready for Hillary PAC “has established an additional depository account for the purpose of making contributions to candidates and committees” in accordance with a 2011 federal court ruling, the PAC said in a filing today to the Federal Election Commission.

In campaign-finance parlance, Ready for Hillary is becoming a “hybrid PAC,” or a mix of a super-PAC and a traditional PAC. As a hybrid PAC, Ready for Hillary can continue to accept unlimited contributions in one bank account that it can use for so-called independent expenditures, while maintaining a second account that’s subject to donation limits and can be used to give money directly to candidates.

“Ready for Hillary and our more than two million supporters are not only excited about encouraging Hillary to run in 2016, but also excited to be working to elect Democrats in 2014. This is another tool that we now have available to us to help in that effort,” Seth Bringman, a spokesman for Ready for Hillary, said in an e-mail.

Ready for Hillary raised more than $5.7 million through March from about 55,000 donors, including billionaires Alice Walton and George Soros. It’s limiting its accepted contributions to $25,000 per donor.


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