Brat’s Radio Revolution: Ingraham, Beck, Levin on Board

College economics professor David Brat in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Photograph by Jay Paul/Getty Images

College economics professor David Brat in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Laura Ingraham likes the story line about Laura Ingraham today.

Dave Brat’s stunning defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia this week owes a lot to the support he found in talk radio. Laura Ingraham, in particular, has her trigger finger on the pulse of some of the hottest issues in the Tea Party realm.

“Laura Ingraham: We should have traded Cantor for Bergdahl,” read the headline at Breitbart. The story focused on Ingraham’s appearance on behalf of Brat, the economics professor at Randolph-Macon College near Richmond who this week handily won the Republican nomination in the district that Cantor has represented for seven terms.

Their rally at the Dominion Club drew 500 people in a contest in which a  too-comfortable Cantor was away spending some of his campaign cash on steakhouses and the Ritz.

Brat found a ready home on Radio Ingraham, and Radio Glenn Beck, where the professor explained that he was following the “Plato plan” for political careers.

“I’m on what I call the Plato plan. Plato said wait until you are 50, and you’re done with wine, women, and song. Eric Cantor has been a lifetime professional politician,” Brat told Beck. “I went to seminary. I have a PhD in economics. I’m running on term lists for myself and everybody else. That is a huge differentiator.”

Radio Levin is in, too.

Ingraham is signalling an alarm that resounded in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia, one that has rung in Iowa and in many more venues where the establishment of the Republican Party is having problems. Rep. Pete Sessions has pledged to make this issue (border security) the centerpiece of his campaign for majority leader

The Brat-Beck-Ingraham coalition is not finished with the primary election in Virginia. The week-long contest to replace Cantor as majority leader, culminating with a vote of the House Republican caucus on June 19, will provide more fodder for the ringing of the right’s alarm bell:

And the story of the Brat revolution is a tale that will be told time and again on the radio heading into the midterm elections.

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