Hillary Clinton: 86,000 Books, 5 Days

Roughly 86,000 readers have purchased copies of “Hard Choices,” Hillary Clinton’s new memoir about her years in the State Department, according to Nielsen’s BookScan data released today.

Nielsen’s data runs through June 15 and doesn’t include downloads of electronic copies. The volume became widely available on June 10. Nielsen’s system doesn’t include comparable data on the first week of sales for Clinton’s previous book, “Living History.”

Since the launch, Clinton has crisscrossed the country in a book tour and sat for a number of broadcast interviews widely seen as a precursor to a potential White House bid. )

Some news outlets, citing anonymous sources, reported that Clinton’s sales so far are a disappointment. However, context is key: The former first lady sold more books in five days than some of her potential Republican opponents have sold in a lifetime.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, for example, sold only 11,000 copies of “The Tea Party Goes to Washington,” according to Nielsen. And a mere 18,000 copies of “Government Bullies.”


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