Biden’s Squirtgun, Cheney’s Shotgun

Updated at 11:50 am EDT

The vice president is getting some good press this weekend for taking some shots at reporters.

With a squirt gun.

Joe Biden had some friends, and reporters, in for an annual summer bash and then threatened them, in fun, with a power-squirter.

Much of the commentary on Twitter had to do with reminders that another vice president had a more threatening penchant for shooting a friend on a hunt with something rougher than water.

That former vice president was on TV this morning taking some tough shots at the Obama administration, and this was no joke. The targets of his shotgun approach to criticism for the administration include Hillary Clinton, lining up to run for the White House in 2016.

The Democrats fired back this morning.

“All these years later, Mr. Cheney is still unable to admit the failures of his administration’s foreign policy which are still reverberating in the Middle East today,” DNC spokesman Michael Czin said in an e-mailed statement. “Cheney’s latest diatribes are no substitute for a thoughtful foreign policy that puts the American people’s interests first.

“The fact is, today’s Republican Party either longs for the days of go-it-alone, Cowboy diplomacy that Mr. Cheney champions or would have America fully retreat into isolationism, abandoning our allies and obligations around the world.”

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