Bloomberg by the Numbers: 35.8


The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index averaged 35.8 out of a maximum 100 in the second quarter.

While that’s the best quarter for the index since the fourth quarter of 2007 — before the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression took hold — it’s barely ahead of the 35.1 average in the second quarter a year ago.

“Its progress then, while positive overall, has been fitful, and glacially slow,” Langer Research Associates, which produces the index, said in a written analysis.

The index has averaged 35.4 in 2014, much closer to its worst full year, 26.0 in 1999, than to its best, 64.4 in 2000. The reading of 36.4 in the week ended June 29 also is below its lifetime average of 41.7, according to data tracked back to December 1985.

For more on the index, see Nina Glinski’s Bloomberg News story.


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