CIA Spy Planes: APB for Tupac

The U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.

Photograph by Underwood Archives/Getty Images

The U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.

The CIA has been celebrating anniversaries lately.

And paying homage to its role in life around Roswell.

This spy business could make your blood boil.

Yet this was quite a vantage point.

Imagine if they’d had this stuff in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Oh, wait.

The stealth nature of all this did give rise to some confusion.

And spurred an entire genre of movie-making.

Lately, some of this hardware has been relegated to the massive Quonset hut that serves as the Air and Space annex out near Dulles.

And, in the long run, the agency hasn’t been able to figure out everything.

One month in on Twitter, someone at Langley is having some fun.

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