Boehner ‘Kicking Dirt at Umpire': Reid

Tommy Lasorda argues with an umpire in 1978.

Photograph by Sporting News via Getty Images

Tommy Lasorda argues with an umpire in 1978.

House Speaker John Boehner is kicking dirt at the umpire, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says.

The Democratic leader, never one to shy away from the occasional sports metaphor, took to the floor this morning to criticize the House’s Republican leader for his promised lawsuit against President Barack Obama.

Reid took the time to reminisce about the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda:

“He was a showman. I assume he picked some of the times to pick a fight with the umpire because he was upset with the call. But I think part of it was his idea that the team needed a little something extra… On occasion he’d get thrown out of the game.”

Baseball managers use their ejections,“to divert attention from what was happening with their team,” Reid said. “It was a gimmick many times. A distraction.”

With Boehner and House Republicans planning to bring suit against the president for a so-called pattern of ignoring parts of federal law, Reid found the comparison to Lasorda more than fitting.

Republicans “are searching for something, anything trying to keep the radicals within their own caucus over there happy,” Reid said. “They want to do this to divert the American people’s attention away from their very own inaction.”

Though House leadership is not wearing Dodger blue or chowing down on bowls of spaghetti, as Lasorda was known to do, Reid insisted that the lawsuit is “nothing more than a political stunt. It’s nothing more than kicking dirt at the umpire.”


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