Obama: Pool Shark-in-Chief

President Barack Obama’s sport of choice is golf, though last night he ventured into something different:


Unlike on the golf course, where Obama’s foursome plays in private, away from the prying eyes of reporters and lenses of photographers, when the president picked up a pool cue in Denver, he had quite an audience.

Visiting Denver for a Democratic party fundraiser today, Obama took a free evening to play pool with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper at Wynkoop Brewing Co., a bar the governor founded and later sold.

They drank Rail Yard Ale in the governor’s old tavern.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is up for reelection, and the Denver Post has reported that he’ll skip standing by Obama’s side today when the president delivers a speech on the economy in a city park. But he had no problem raising a pint and shooting pool with the visitor last night, even as the president trash-talked him at the table.

A bar crowd filled with green-shirted drinkers on a pedal-bar tour in the area near Coors Field appeared to be ahead of the president in drinks and enthusiastically greeted his arrival.

When golfing in the Washington area, Obama usually plays at military-base courses where he’s greeted with salutes and nothing but sideways glances, not debauchery and selfies.

Before the pool stop, Obama had dinner with five Denverites at a nearby pizza joint. They’d all written the president letters about economic issues, including a woman who credited this year’s State of the Union speech with her getting a raise.

Presidential golf is so secretive that reporters get a list of Obama’s daily companions on the links but no reports on who won or whether the president got a hole in one or lost his ball in a sand trap. The audience at last night’s president-governor 15-ball smack-down saw a decisive presidential victory.

It turns out, there are some things politicians like being seen doing.

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