Highways, Bridges and Jobs: Winning the News Cycle

It’s all about jobs, the White House says.

The highway funding stuck in congressional traffic on Capitol Hill isn’t only about roads, the White House says in a push today for a stalled highway bill.

It’s all about “cronyism,” according to Heritage and friends.

“In many respects, the Republican-controlled House serves as a helpful and necessary check to Obama’s fascination with massive, government-centric solutions, Mike Needham writes at the Federalist. “This week, however, the House is poised to relapse by passing a bailout of the federal Highway Trust Fund…. Rather than continue down this path of bailout after bailout, Republicans should begin enacting serious reforms. But this bailout, like all the previous ones, is bankrupt. The only policy changes are a series of budget maneuvers and accounting gimmicks designed to “pay for” a ten-month spending binge … over the next decade.”

If there is any Hill debate that isn’t partisan, this isn’t it.

Yet this road bill appears to be on the runway.

And a certain story line has won the news cycle:

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