Ignoring Army Command Costs $73 Million

When the Army gives a command, you’d better obey.

That’s the lesson that Fairfax, Virginia-based ManTech International Corp. learned last month.

The Army requested 80-page proposals for a software support order.

ManTech turned in 90.

The Army ignored the last 10 pages, which included information that could have boosted ManTech’s chances. Instead, the Army assigned deficiencies to the proposal, and chose Sotera Defense Solutions Inc., based in Herndon, Virginia.

Bloomberg Industries analyst Brian Friel estimated the Army order was worth $73 million.

ManTech protested and the Government Accountability Office ruled against the company.

“The agency reasonably excluded these pages, and these omissions constituted deficiencies because they demonstrated a material failure to meet the Army’s’ requirements,” the report said.


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