Funny or Die Sics Mary Poppins on Republicans

Just a spoonful of Funny or Die makes the politics go down.

Mary Poppins is quitting, it seems, because she’s “only paid the federal minimum wage.”

The children, in song of course, protest her departure.

“In every job that must be done, you must be paid in more than fun,” the famous actress playing the famous nanny sings. “The pay’s too low, I can’t live on this dough.”

“Just a $3 dollar increase can make a living wage,” Kristin Bell, aka Mary Poppins, breaking into the classic chorus sings in the Funny or Die production released this week.  `It makes a living wage. It makes a living wage…”

President Barack Obama, pressing Congress for a $10.10 minimum wage, has plenty of friends in Hollywood, as his latest West Coast fundraising tour this week has shown. They also have a way with the Web.

And the White House was ready with retweets for this musical:

“The CEOs in fancy suits… forget how hard it is to work a shift,” Bell sings in a spoof aimed at the Republican-run House standing in the way of any increase in the federal pay floor.

The clip, and a barrage of tweets today from Democrats backing the boost in the minimum wage, are all part of a ``Live the Wage Challenge” push today on the fifth anniversary of the last increase in the federal base pay (from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour.)

“Are you a Republican?” she asks herself in the mirror, and herself answers: “I do love a good Tea Party.”

One really must play the whole tape for the closing line.

Hint: Rhymes with BS:

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