Tax-Writer’s Departure a Signal — Dave Camp’s Plan for Another Day

We just got even more proof that Congress won’t revamp the tax code this year.

Ray Beeman, the behind-the-scenes writer of the House Republican tax plan, is leaving the Ways and Means Committee today after more than three years.

Beeman’s exit follows the announced departure of his boss, Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan, who is retiring at the end of the year. Also gone from what once looked like a promising bipartisan tax effort are Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, now ambassador to China, and his top tax aide, Lily Batchelder, now at the White House.

In February, Camp released his draft tax plan, which would lower rates and remove dozens of breaks. The details scared off some Republicans, and the partisan gridlock sealed its fate.

“There is no question in my mind that the effort to fix our broken tax code will cross the finish line someday,” Beeman, who was Camp’s special adviser for tax reform, wrote in a departing email to a number of people last night. “And the final product that eventually gets signed in the Rose Garden will be shaped in great measure by the groundwork that has now been laid by the committee under Chairman Camp’s leadership.”

For now, though, Beeman, a former partner at Venable LLP in Washington, is going “off the grid for a little while.”


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