The Web’s ‘Disappointed’ With New iPad No One Has Yet Seen

Apple is launching the iPad 3 — or maybe the the iPad HD — today at 10 am PST. The tech blogosphere is abuzz with speculation. So much news and rumor is already out that the news cycle may have done a back flip: some of the reviews are already in, even though the product’s not yet out.

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The hype for the next Apple iPad took off in January. Bloomberg News reported then that the new iPad, expected to go on sale in March, would work with speedier next-generation wireless networks, along with a new high-definition screen and a faster processor.

On Feb. 28, Apple sent out media invitations to a Mar. 7 event with this teaser featuring three clues about the event: (1) an image showing an iPad; (2) the Keynote app icon, suggesting a presentation; and (3) a map leading us to San Francisco.

Fast-forward to this week when word surfaced the “iPad 3″ might actually be called “iPad HD,” named for its new Retina-like screen, Gizmodo reports.

And what’s this? A smaller iPad with a 7.1-in. screen might be available later this year, VentureBeat reports.

As rumors of the “next hot Apple gadget” spread quickly on the web, Mashable reminds us to stay cautious.

So … what kind of a reaction does all this speculation get?

Whatever the response to the new iPad Wednesday, Apple won’t have much cause for concern. The iPad’s rivals don’t hold more than 5 percent of the market, Bloomberg News reports.

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