MySpace Co-founder DeWolfe Making Surprise Bet on Kindle Fire

Photograph: Emile Wamsteker/Bloomberg

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds a Kindle Fire tablet computer

Speaking at Austin’s SXSW Interactive in a session the future of game development, DeWolfe said that his new company is “betting on Android in a big way.”

Along with former MySpace colleagues Aber Whitcomb and Colin Digiaro, DeWolfe has been purchasing online gaming companies since 2010 and rolling them up into what became SGN, which he acquired last year. He said SGN will develop 11 social games this year on Facebook and port as many as eight of them to smartphones and tablets. Another six to seven games will be created specifically for  mobile, he said.

DeWolfe said Amazon’s products are underappreciated because they have to go up against Apple and “not much does compare to the iPad.” He said the first Fire was great for the price (about $200), and that the next will be better.

One big test for DeWolfe is avoiding the pitfalls of MySpace, which slowly fell apart after it was acquired by News Corp. in 2005. He said he’s building his new venture, which is based in Los Angeles and currently has 90 employees, with a culture of risk-taking that he expects to lead to innovation.


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