Zuckerberg Better Than Even Jobs and Gates, Says Roger McNamee


Mark Zuckerberg receives more praise than the average 27-year-old. And rightfully so, seeing as he’s turned a project born out of late-night coding sessions in his college dorm room into one of the world’s most valuable tech companies.

But for Roger McNamee, who knew Bill Gates and Steve Jobs before they were famous, to call Zuckerberg the best entrepreneur — ever — is perhaps the greatest compliment yet. Speaking today with Bloomberg TV’s Margaret Brennan, McNamee called Facebook’s founder “the one.”

Of course, McNamee has a vested interest in Zuckerberg’s success, especially as Facebook prepares to go public. Elevation Partners,  McNamee’s investment firm, owns upwards of $1 billion worth of Facebook shares thanks to stock purchases in recent years.

McNamee also said he’s been fortunate enough to be a mentor to Zuckerberg since the Harvard dropout was 22.

Here’s what McNamee said about him:

“There’s something different about Mark Zuckerberg. He is more mature at this very early age, and that’s largely because Bill and Steve went before him and in a sense cleared a lot of things out of the way. And unlike most entrepreneurs, Mark’s a great learner.”

He added:

“As a consequence, I think he’s the best I’ve ever known.”

(This portion of the TV interview can be found at the 7-minute mark.)

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