How to Behave at Work, And Reduce Stress, But Not at the Same Time

Photograph by John Lund

The elephant in the room may be your smartphone. Put it down and have some real face time.

Congratulations, you made it to Friday. So let’s end the week with Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu, who spoke with LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth about the top stories being shared on the social network.

At the top of the list is “Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now,” which includes this tip: Focus on the face, not the screen. Yes, it’s hard to tear yourself away from that smartphone, but come on, people, look at me when I’m talking. Of course, when Google or Oakley come out with their smart glasses, it will be a lot harder to know if you’re looking at me or actually videoconferencing with someone in China.

Until then, heads up, especially when you’re at a basketball game.

Also trending heavily on LinkedIn is “6 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress.” No. 3 on that list is “renegotiate your workload.” If too much is expected of you, get your boss to prioritize things. Just wondering: How does one start this conversation without coming off as a lazy bum? (“This project is clearly more important than my son’s little league games or my anniversary. But I’m having surgery on Monday … can we maybe take one thing off my plate?”)

Not sure I would agree with No. 4 on the list of stress reducers: Turn off the news. Don’t. Agree. At. All.

Another popular story making the rounds is “Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way.” LinkedIn’s Roth said this New York Times piece showed how the Instagram team found success by getting out and meeting the right people at parties, and “not staying hunkered down in the office coding all night.” To which Liu responded, “And not spending so much time maybe on LinkedIn?”

To see the other top stories on LinkedIn, watch the video below. Just don’t do it on your smartphone while I’m talking with you.

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