Viddy Reaches 16M Users, Gets Boost From Zuckerberg’s Dog

Count Mark Zuckerberg among the hundreds of thousands of new users that Viddy, a mobile-video social network, is adding each day. The Facebook chief recently joined and uploaded a clip of his dog, Beast, which brought a wave of publicity for the service.

“Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg,” Alan Patricof of venture-capital firm Greycroft Partners, which invests in Viddy, said on Bloomberg TV. “That won’t hurt.”

Facebook’s billionaire aside, Patricof said Viddy is “growing so fast, I have to keep refreshing to get myself up to date.” As of this morning, the year-old Viddy had 16 million users, adding 500,000 new ones a day, said the Greycroft founder and managing director. Viddy is often compared to Instagram, which Facebook agreed to buy for $1 billion this month.

“I could swear I spoke at some place a few weeks ago, we were at 4 million,” he said. Indeed, on the app’s first anniversary on April 11, the company said it had passed 4 million users.

How excited is Patricof about all the growth and attention Viddy is getting? During his TV interview, he offered to imitate Zuckerberg’s dog if the clip didn’t play. “I’ll bark,” he said.

(Patricof talks about Viddy at around the 4:50 mark in the clip.)

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