Rise of the Android: 2 Years Later

With Google now powering a majority of the smartphones in the U.S., it’s worth looking back two years ago when the slices of the market share pie chart were much different.

According to ComScore’s latest report, Google’s Android operating system accounted for 51 percent of smartphones, versus 30.7 percent for Apple and 12.3 percent for RIM, during the three months ending in March. Compare that with April 2010, when Google had 12 percent, Apple had 25 percent, and RIM dominated with 41 percent of the market share. How times have changed.

RIM hopes to revive growth with its new lineup of BlackBerry devices coming out this year. The company is distributing as many as 2,000 prototypes of its upcoming phone to developers today.

(The graphic shows U.S. market share of the the top smartphone platforms during the past two years, according to ComScore data.)

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