Video of Steve Jobs Parodying ‘Ghostbusters’ Surfaces

Apple fans must be dying to get a peek into Craig Elliott’s attic. After he released a video last week of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs acting as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he aired another one exclusively on Bloomberg TV.

In the new video, Jobs parodies the comedy film, Ghostbusters. Jobs, with an Apple computer strapped to his back, is a member of the “Blue Busters,” which is a reference to the “Big Blue” nickname given to IBM.

“You have to remember, in 1985, IBM was the big concern for Apple and others,” Elliott said in an interview with Bloomberg West’s Emily Chang. “This is our way to fight against the ‘Big Blue.'”

Elliott worked at Apple for about a decade. He had won a sales contest and a dinner with Jobs, who gave Elliott a Porsche and a job offer.

“There’s been a lot of, almost, criticism of Steve Jobs recently about what a harsh taskmaster he was,” Elliott said. “But he had a fun side, too. He liked to participate in things like this.”

Update: Corrects spelling of name.

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