Facebook’s IPO Wasn’t a Huge Hit on Twitter Either, Say Studies

Photograph by Frank May/dpa/Corbis

Facebook's IPO was a popular topic on Twitter today, but not a runaway hit.

Facebook’s stock didn’t have the first-day pop that many had predicted. Nor was the initial public offering a breakout hit in Twitter chatter, despite dominating much of the media coverage.

An hour before the stock market closed, there were 104,616 messages on Twitter discussing Facebook’s IPO or ticker symbol, according to a study of the social network’s data by PeopleBrowsr. Another study by Topsy, which included a longer timeline, said there were more than 400,000 messages about Facebook going public. The stock closed 23 cents above its initial offering price of $38.

Although Facebook’s IPO was one of the most popular Twitter topics of the day, the number of tweets about it was low compared to the frenzy of public mourning on the day Whitney Houston died (6.3 million) or when the death of Trayvon Martin hit the mainstream (680,724), according to PeopleBrowsr, which looked at the peak days of big Twitter memes. The Facebook IPO did surpass Anthony Weiner, who was the subject of 53,606 tweets one day last June as his scandal began to break out.

In the messages that were posted about the IPO, 14 percent were negative, according to a study by Crimson Hexagon, a social-media measurement company. Only 6 percent were related to buying the stock.

A Facebook spokeswoman declined to comment.

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