More Consumers to Use Phones to Compare Prices While Shopping

Photograph by James Whitaker

PriceGrabber found that nearly 14 percent of respondents planned to do back-to-school shopping from their mobile phone.

If you notice more people glued to their smartphones while back-to-school shopping, it might be because they’re looking for a better deal. About 37 percent of consumers said they plan to compare prices on their mobile devices while at brick-and-mortar stores, according to

That’s up from 27 percent in 2011, said the comparison shopping site, which surveyed more than 4,400 U.S. online consumers in May and June. PriceGrabber also found that nearly 14 percent of the respondents planned to do back-to-school shopping from their mobile phone, up from 10.5 percent last year.

In a separate report, Apple’s iPad is the most commonly used mobile device for payments, beating out the iPhone and devices running on Google’s Android, according to an eight-month internal study by Adyen, which provides Web payment services to merchants including Vodafone, KLM and PopCap Games.

The iPad accounted for 3.6 percent of all payments, compared with 3 percent on iPhones and 1.5 percent on Android devices, Adyen said.

Users of the iPad also spend 20 percent more per purchase than owners of other mobile devices, Adyen’s analysis of global payment trends showed. Daily-deal websites have experienced the most mobile payment usage, with 12.6 percent of all transactions originating from a mobile device, Adyen said.

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