Move Over ‘Bindersfullofwomen,’ Here Comes ‘PendingLarry’

Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

A Twitter account for “Pending Larry” was quickly created. It has more than a thousand followers.

In an age when no public gaffe goes untweeted, it didn’t take long for the premature release of Google’s earnings to spark sarcasm from the social media world.

The filing was clearly in draft form, the best evidence being a placeholder in the press release reading, “PENDING LARRY QUOTE,” referring to Google Chief Executive Officer Larry Page.

To fill the void left by Page’s absent quote, a Twitter account for “Pending Larry” was quickly created: @PendingLarry. Naturally, the account’s bio is “pending.” His first post: “… oops.”

“Somehow, I’ll find a way to blame today’s early release on Apple Maps,” the parody account’s user wrote. “You guys, that SEC filing was a beta release,” the user later wrote.

Meanwhile, #pendinglarry and #pendinglarryquote hashtags quickly emerged on Twitter, giving users a landing page for other mocking posts.

“Well that’s one way to ensure everyone will read Larry Page’s statement,” wrote Twitter user David Nakayama.

Google declined to comment.

In a statement on its Google Plus profile, Google’s investor relations team blamed the firm R.R. Donnelley & Sons for the mishap, saying the financial printer filed the draft statement “without authorization.”

“Google should have had their ‘google goggles’ on before they released their quarterlies,” wrote user Kyall Glennie on his profile.

One possible winner in this mishap? Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was ridiculed on the Internet over a comment he made during this week’s debate. As Twitter user Aram Sinnreich wrote:

“Whew, Mitt lucked out. It seems that #pendinglarryquote is the new #bindersfullofwomen.”

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