Sharp Words and No Handouts for Japan’s Stumbling Electronics Giant

Photograph by Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Akira Amari, policy chief of the Liberal Democratic, is not sold on the idea of a Sharp bailout.

Sharp’s prospects for survival are looking duller by the day. Japanese pride may not save the electronics giant either. The Liberal Democratic Party’s policy chief says Sharp will need to get its act together before the company can think about getting a government bailout.

“Sharp must have a plan to show what kind of technology it wants to build on to survive,” Akira Amari, who has served as both labor minister and trade minister, told Bloomberg News. “They can’t just ask for public funds or assistance with rebuilding unless they can show how they will beat the competition afterwards.”

If Amari’s party wins next year’s election — and according to polls, it should — Sharp could be on its own. That paints an even dimmer picture for a company with the world’s worst performing major stock this year.

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