Lenovo to Kids: Stop Texting at the Dinner Table

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

An air hockey app is demonstrated on Lenovo’s Horizon touchscreen PC at CES in Las Vegas.

Turns out, there’s a reason why Lenovo released its hit-or-miss tabletop PC, the Horizon.

According to CEO Yang Yuanqing, family patriarchs are increasingly frustrated with their kids constantly playing on their smartphones and tablets at the dinner table. Individual devices are making individual kids increasingly, well, individual.

Horizon, according to Yang, will put the “family” back into “family dinner.” Of course, he’s not suggesting you eat dinner off Lenovo’s new $1,700 27-inch flat-bed touchscreen PC. But he does think it can reunite the family.

Showing off the air hockey app at Lenovo’s showcase inside the Venetian at Las Vegas, Yang’s enthusiasm is palpable. His own kids, of which he has three, love the electronic keyboard app. His mother is also a fan, and the family even sits around for a game of poker (not the kids, he says).

Of course, there may be a convenient upside to the new Horizon. It may end up being the one new device dad buys that the kids don’t want to borrow.

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