Codecademy Raises $10M, Sees Job Service as Part of Its Future


Photograph by Brian Finke/Gallery Stock

Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims said the site is considering building a career-matching service.

Codecademy, a free website that has taught computer programming to 5 million users, also wants to find them jobs.

The New York-based startup, which announced today it raised $10 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures, is considering building a career-matching service, said Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims.

“People are already putting Codecademy on their resumes, so this is a natural next step,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Employers may one day be able to come to the site, see what progress job applicants have made in programming language courses, and hire those who have the necessary skills, said Sims, who didn’t specify when this service might be ready. Codecademy doesn’t generate any revenues, but job search could become a promising business, he said.

For now, he’ll rely on venture capital to expand his 9-person team. The latest funding included investments from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, Union Square Ventures, billionaire Richard Branson and Yuri Milner, founder of Digital Sky Technologies. So far, the startup has raised a total of $12.5 million, according to Codecademy.

Tech companies have been competing fiercely for programming talent, hiring recruiting agencies and scouring LinkedIn, where more than 8,500 programming jobs are currently posted.

Matching employers with potential employees on Codecademy would be automated, based on the requirements of the job and the programming courses that users have completed, Sims said.

Sims had thought about making money by charging for courses, especially after getting several e-mails from users asking, “Where do I pay you?” He may eventually charge, but for now is keeping the education free to help grow the number of users.

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