How Apple’s TV Ads Scored vs. Samsung, Microsoft

Turn on the TV nowadays and it’s hard to avoid the flurry of commercials touting the latest, supposedly greatest mobile devices. So which ads are catching the eyes of consumers?

Ace Metrix says it knows. The Mountain View, California-based technology company has made a business out of surveying hundreds of viewers about new TV ads and applying its data analytics to the responses to determine a commercial’s “likeability,” “relevance,” “information,” and other attributes. Ace Metrix then calculates an overall score and sells the information as a cloud-service to advertisers.

Apple and Samsung, the two biggest rivals in the mobile arena, have been neck and neck in the effectiveness of their commercials for the past year, according to Ace Metrix. Apple’s average score is 565 while Samsung’s is 562. However, the South Korean company has been on a roll with its “Next Big Thing” campaign. Its last eight ads have averaged a score of more than 600, a milestone that only 10 percent of all ads hit, says Ace Metrix, which counts Samsung as one of its clients.

Here’s a closer look at the scores on ads from Apple and its competitors:

Apple’s “Designed by Apple in California”

Score 489  — This was the worst score for any Apple TV commercial in the past year. Viewers found it unpersuasive and overly long at 60 seconds, though women liked it better than men.

Apple’s ‘Say Cheese’

Score 672 — This ad coincided with the launch of the iPhone 5. Almost all Apple ads for new products or long-awaited iPhone or iPad upgrades perform very well, a phenomenon Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll calls “i-Phoria.”

Samsung’s Graduation Party

Score 665 — This 1-minute, 30-second spot, the first for the Galaxy S4 smartphone, earned high marks for providing information on the device’s new features.

Microsoft’s Wedding

Score 587 — Viewers found this ad, which spoofed Apple and Samsung by showing iPhone and Galaxy owners fighting at a wedding, likeable and attention-grabbing.

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