Twitter Ranks 5th in Engineer Pay Behind Google and Yahoo: Study

Photograph by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Employees at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters in 2009.

Plenty of Twitter employees can look forward to becoming paper millionaires when the company goes public, but for now, engineers at Google and Yahoo! take home bigger paychecks on average.

Twitter ranks fifth in engineer pay with an average of $124,863 in annual salary, according to a study by job-search website Glassdoor. Stock-based compensation was not included in the study.

Juniper Networks, the second-biggest maker of computer-networking equipment, paid its engineers the highest salaries with an average of $159,990, the study said. Juniper was followed by LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Google on the list. The ranking includes companies where at least 50 software engineers had reported their salaries to Glassdoor between October 2012 and the end of last month.

Twitter, which has been growing its workforce ahead of an initial public offering, has said recruiting talented engineers is among the potential risks it could face in the future. The company added 300 employees in the third quarter, putting its total at 2,300.

The social-networking company is in the most competitive market for software engineers. They’re paid $111,885 on average in San Francisco, which is more than anywhere else in the U.S., according to Glassdoor. At the top of Twitter’s engineering team, Senior Vice President Christopher Fry made $10.3 million last year in total compensation including salary, stock and bonuses, the company said in its prospectus.

After its IPO, Twitter risks losing talent when longtime employees cash out their stock. But Twitter brainiacs itching to buy a new Tesla probably won’t find a better salary at Apple or Facebook. Apple ranked sixth, paying $233 less than Twitter on average, and Facebook ranked ninth, with $121,507, the study said.

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