On January 25-26th, BloombergNEF will host our annual Barrel of Tomorrow Forum in Houston. On Wednesday evening, we will kick off Barrel of Tomorrow at Morton’s The Steakhouse with a climate technology reception, co-hosted with Dynamo Energy Hub. At the reception, we will hear from leading startups and early-stage companies working on key technologies for decarbonization. On Thursday, we will welcome industry leaders at the Post Oak Hotel for a full day of discussions, panels and networking.

The key theme and mission of Barrel of Tomorrow is to focus on the future of clean molecules in achieving decarbonization goals and sustainability commitments over the coming decades. Alongside key stakeholders from across the energy industry, capital markets community, and government, BloombergNEF will discuss the technological options, business models, and the partnerships, that will be necessary as we transition oil, gas, chemicals, and heavy industry towards a lower carbon economy.

2023 Key Themes:

  • Oil, gas & chemical company strategies for the low carbon economy
  • Decarbonizing heavy industry
  • The impacts of IRA on clean energy investment
  • Scaling up hydrogen and carbon capture in the United States
  • The outlook for carbon offsets
  • Reimagining the battery supply chain
  • Supply & demand for sustainable plastics
  • A renewed focus on renewable fuels


Barrel of Tomorrow Climate Tech Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, January 25 2023
5:00pm – 8:00pm CST
Morton’s The Steakhouse (Galleria)
5000 Westheimer Rd Suite 190, Houston, TX 77056

5:00 PM

Registration & Networking

5:45 PM

Opening Remarks
Meade Harris, Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamo Energy Hub
Brent Smelter, Head of Business Development, BloombergNEF
Jon Moore, CEO, BloombergNEF

5:50 PM

Climate Technology Investment Update
Speaker: Sarrah Raza, Technology & Innovation Associate, BloombergNEF

6:00 PM

Barrel of Tomorrow Startup Spotlight
Moderator: Kristin Barbato, Co-Founder, Dynamo Energy Hub

Emissions Control & Management
-Peter Quigley, CEO & Chairman
Sustainable Fuels & Materials
-Ram Ramprasad, Chief Commercial Officer
Clean Hydrogen
Cemvita Factory
-Blake Manuel, Senior Vice President
Carbon Capture & Storage
Carbon Clean
-Glen Bailey, Vice President
Next-Generation Battery Technology
-Chad Spring, Associate Director
Advanced Recycling
Momentum Technologies
-Preston Bryant, CEO

7:00 PM

Cocktail Reception

Barrel of Tomorrow Forum

Thursday, January 26 2023
8:00am – 6:30pm CST
Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston
1600 W Loop S Houston, TX 77027

8:00 AM

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:50 AM

Introductory remarks
Jon Moore, CEO, BloombergNEF
Shira Guedalia, Barrel of Tomorrow MC, BloombergNEF 

9:00 AM

BNEF Faceoff: Clean Electrons vs Clean Molecules
Speakers: Tom Rowlands-Rees, Head of North American Research, BloombergNEF & Ilhan Savut, Head of Upstream Oil, BloombergNEF

9:15 AM

BNEF Talk: How To Be The GOAT “Greatest Oil co of All Time”?
Speaker: Ashish Sethia, Global Head of Commodities, Energy & Environmental Markets, BloombergNEF

9:30 AM

BNEF Talk: The Next Generation Of Molecule Demand: Net-Zero Industry
Speaker: Julia Attwood, Head of Sustainable Materials, BloombergNEF  

9:45 AM

Panel Discussion: Planning For The Barrel of Tomorrow & Beyond
Moderator: Ashish Sethia, Global Head of Commodities, Energy & Environmental Markets, BloombergNEF
– Jeff Gustvason, President, Chevron New Energies
– Gavin Rennick, President, SLB New Energy

10:25 AM

Coffee & Networking

10:45 AM

BNEF Talk: The New US Clean Energy Commitment
Speaker: Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas, BloombergNEF

11:00 AM

Panel Discussion: The Investment Landscape For Energy Transition Capital
Moderator: Nat Bullard, Senior Contributor, BloombergNEF & Columnist for Bloomberg Green
– Rob Horn, Global Head of the Sustainable Resources Group, Blackstone Credit
– Kellie Metcalf, Managing Partner, EnCap Energy Transition
– Chris Otte, Managing Director of Energy, Infrastructure & Transition Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets

11:40 AM

Policy Dialogue: Leveraging The Inflation Reduction Act
Moderator: Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas, BloombergNEF
– Gretchen Kittel, Acting Director, Outreach & Business Development Loan Programs Office (LPO), U.S. Department of Energy

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

12:50 PM

BNEF Talk: US Hydrogen & Carbon Capture: Friends or Foes?
Speaker: Brenna Casey, Carbon Capture Analyst, BloombergNEF

1:05 PM

Panel Discussion: Hydrogen & CCUS: Deploying Net-Zero
Moderator: Matt Bravante, Americas Hydrogen Analyst, BloombergNEF
– Tyler Durham, Chief Development Officer, Navigator CO2 Ventures

– Ben Alingh, Co-Founder, Monarch Energy
– Rich Byrnes, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Port Houston
– Tomeka McLeod, Vice President, US Hydrogen & CCS, bp

1:45 PM

BNEF Talk: The Past, Present & Future Of Carbon Offsets
Speaker: Kyle Harrison, Head of Sustainability Research, BloombergNEF

2:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Carbon Offsets: The Next Great Commodity Market?
Moderator: Kyle Harrison, Head of Sustainability Research, BloombergNEF
– Scobie Mackay, CEO, Imperative Global
– Tom Colebatch, Managing Director, Macquarie Group
– Barbara Harrison, Vice President, Offsets & Emerging, Chevron New Energies

2:40 PM

Coffee & Networking

3:00 PM

BNEF Talk: Reimagining The Battery Supply Chain
Speaker: Kwasi Ampofo, Head of Metals & Mining, BloombergNEF

3:15 PM

BNEF Talk: What’s Next For EV Charging Infrastructure In The U.S.?
Speaker: Alex Haring, Advanced Transport Senior Associate, BloombergNEF

3:30 PM

Executive Dialogue: Many Roads, One Lower Carbon Future for Transportation?
Moderator: David Doherty, Head of Oil and Renewable Fuels, BloombergNEF
– John Tully, Vice President, Strategic Business Development & Alternative Fuels, Pilot Company

3:50 PM

Coffee & Networking

4:20 PM

BNEF Talk: A Renewed Focus On Renewable Fuels
Speaker: Jade Patterson, Renewable Fuels Senior Associate, BloombergNEF

4:35 PM

BNEF Talk: Supply & Demand For Sustainable Plastics: Is The Balance Right?
Speaker: Kirti Vasta, Sustainable Materials & Circular Economy Senior Associate, BloombergNEF

4:50 PM

Panel Discussion: Meeting Demand For Renewable Fuels & Sustainable Plastics
Moderator: Julia Attwood, Head of Sustainable Materials, BloombergNEF
– Chris Cooper, President, Neste US
– Nick Abbatiello, Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Dell Technologies
– Jeff McMahon, Managing Director, Freepoint Eco-Systems
– Meg Gentle, Executive Director of the Board, HIF Global

5:30 PM

Cocktail Reception


Photo of Jeff B. Gustavson

Jeff B. Gustavson

Chevron New Energies
Photo of Gavin Rennick

Gavin Rennick

SLB New Energy
Photo of Rob Horn

Rob Horn

Global Head of the Sustainable Resources Group
Blackstone Credit
Photo of Kellie Metcalf

Kellie Metcalf

Managing Partner
ENCAP Energy Transition
Photo of Chris Otte

Chris Otte

Managing Director
CIBC Investment Banking
Photo of Gretchen Kittel

Gretchen Kittel

Acting Director of Outreach & Business Development
Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Programs Office (LPO)
Photo of Tyler Durham

Tyler Durham

Chief Development Officer
Navigator CO2 Ventures
Photo of Ben Alingh

Ben Alingh

Monarch Energy
Photo of Rich Byrnes

Rich Byrnes

Chief Infrastructure Officer
Port Houston
Photo of Tomeka McLeod

Tomeka McLeod

Vice President, US Hydrogen & CCS
Photo of Scobie Mackay

Scobie Mackay

Imperative Global
Photo of Tom Colebatch

Tom Colebatch

Managing Director
Macquarie Group
Photo of Barbara Harrison

Barbara Harrison

Vice President, Offsets & Emerging
Chevron New Energies
Photo of John Tully

John Tully

Vice President, Strategic Business Development & Alternative Fuels
Pilot Company
Photo of Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Neste US
Photo of Nick Abbatiello

Nick Abbatiello

Senior Distinguished Engineer
DELL Technologies
Photo of Jeff McMahon

Jeff McMahon

Managing Director
Freepoint Eco-Systems, LLC
Photo of Meg Gentle

Meg Gentle

Executive Director of the Board
HIF Global
Photo of Meade Harris

Meade Harris

Co-Founder & CEO
Dynamo Energy Hub
Photo of Kristin Barbato

Kristin Barbato

Co-Founder & President
Dynamo Energy Hub
Photo of Peter Quigley

Peter Quigley

CEO & Chairman
Photo of Ram Ramprasad

Ram Ramprasad

Chief Commercial Officer
Photo of Blake Manuel

Blake Manuel

Senior Vice President
Cemvita Factory
Photo of Glen Bailey

Glen Bailey

VP of Key Accounts & Partnerships
Carbon Clean
Photo of Chad Spring

Chad Spring

Associate Director, Business Development
Photo of Preston Bryant

Preston Bryant

Momentum Technologies

When & Where

Wednesday, January 25
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Morton’s The Steakhouse (Galleria)
5000 Westheimer Rd Suite 190, Houston, TX 77056
Located in: Centre at Post Oak

Thursday, January 26
8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston
1600 W Loop S Houston, TX 77027


Given the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, Bloomberg has taken ample precautionary measures to safeguard employees, clients and guests. If you have traveled to a location that has reported significant cases of COVID-19, and were there within two weeks prior to the event’s date, please refrain from attending this event. Alternatively, your Bloomberg account manager will be happy to follow up with you at a later date. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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