The time for transition is now. The majority of FIs are already well versed on the issues at hand, have developed transition plans, and understand the need to transition to new RFRs swiftly. Yet, many have not put key aspects of these plans into action. Across both the buy- and sell-side, a ‘you first’ approach persists.

It is true that uncertainties remain in areas such as RFR market liquidity, the unavailability of term rates, the impacts on existing IBOR-based contracts and hedge accounting. However, these issues should not delay progress, as there is much work that still needs to be done right now, especially in light of the recent announcement from the FCA confirming the cessation dates for all LIBOR settings.

Ahead of upcoming deadlines, FIs have to take a proactive approach to the transition, particularly in relation to the system, infrastructure and technology changes that are required. In the coming months, key priorities will be around sourcing the relevant data on RFRs and adapting risk management practices to accommodate the new rates.

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss the considerations and challenges FIs still need to address, and more importantly, how to address them with the sense of urgency that is now required.


Speaker: Manesh Samtani, Ilhwan Kim
Session 1: Regulation, technology & data
  • Regulatory guidance and related challenges
  • De-risking the technology stack (infrastructure changes, testing)
  • Identifying data sources & how to use them
  • Generating compounded rates & yield curves for RFRs
Speakers: Manesh Samtani, Henry Vu, Dennis To, Paul Landless
Session 2: Risk management challenges
  • Assessing risk of delay with scenario & impact analysis
  • Knowing and managing risk (market, collateral, basis risk, etc)
  • Managing hedge accounting and balance sheet impacts
  • Preparing for unknowns (e.g. cross currency swaps)
Speakers: Manesh Samtani, Mathieu Lepinay, Dharrini Bala Gadiyaram
Closing remarks
Speaker: Gaurav Kapoor


Photo of Manesh Samtani

Manesh Samtani

Moderator & Editor
Regulation Asia
Photo of Ilhwan Kim

Ilhwan Kim

Workflow Specialist
Bloomberg L.P.
Photo of Henry Vu

Henry Vu

Asia IBOR Transition Program Lead
Photo of Dennis To

Dennis To

Regulatory Data Specialist, Enterprise Solutions
Bloomberg L.P.
Photo of Paul Landless

Paul Landless

Clifford Chance
Photo of Mathieu Lepinay

Mathieu Lepinay

Managing Director – Global Head Macro Structuring
Standard Chartered
Photo of Dharrini Bala Gadiyaram

Dharrini Bala Gadiyaram

Global Head of Risk Products
Bloomberg L.P.
Photo of Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor

APAC Head – Risk & Valuations
Bloomberg L.P.
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